15mm Spartan Dokana AVAILABLE NOW!

Code: 15DKN

This Dokana, or Beams of Castor and Pollux, is based on a Lakonian grave relief. Lacking any direct reference to the size, it is suitable also for 25/28mm. The model is ~45mm tall and fits on a standard 40x40mm DBM baggage base.

15DKN is available in two finish: simple plain cast, as it comes out of the mold; or cleaned and primed, ready to paint. We regret we are unable to offer this item as a stock finished element, painted and based. However we may occasionally offer some painted and based sample as promotion on e-bay; just let us know if you want to receive a short note when this happens.
We do accept commission painting on this item, we can paint it to your description and requirements. The time required would be approximately six weeks for a 1-8 elements order. Price starts around EURO€ 18.00 per piece, but it really depends on the amount of detail the color scheme demands; just contact us for a free quote with no obligation whatsoever!

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Plain cast: EURO€ 3.50

Cleaned and primed: EURO€ 5.50

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Click the thumbnail below to see Steve Turville's excellent DBA Spartan camp realized using 15DKN!