15mm Gothic tent AVAILABLE NOW!

Code: 15GOT
This tent is designed to be suitable for any ancient german army, but especially for the late gothic invasions period. The model is about 38mm wide, 42mm deep and 22mm tall.

15GOT is available in three finish:simple plain cast, as it comes out of the mold; cleaned and primed, based and ready to paint; or as a finished DBM baggage element, painted, based and flocked to the very same standard you see in the picture!

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Plain cast: EURO€ 3.50

Want this model pre-painted, based and Ready-to-Play? Click here!

These tents are all painted with a different pattern, when ordering the "ready to play" version you'll get a random assortment from the current stock. Click the thumbnail below for a sample of the variation in the actual stock: