15mm Moghul Tents AVAILABLE SOON!

Code: 15MGH

The Mughal, Moghul or Mogul Empire was founded by Babur in 1526, when he defeated Ibrahim Lodi, the last of the Delhi Sultans at the First battle of Panipat. Babur was of proud Turkic heritage, while the name Moghul seems to have been attached to his empire somewhere in the 19th century and is derived from Mongol. These camp tents are designed to be used as a baggage element for any late muslim Indian and Turk army from the renaissance well up into the 18th century and even later. They are based on those you can see in this original painting, and designed to fit on two standard 40x40mm DBM baggage base.
They are also suitable for all other armies of Islam during this period.

Development status:
Design: completed
Master: in progress
Mold: N/A
Production: expected to be available late 2008
Future plans: none.