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REAL bunkers!

Currently available in 28mm:
Currently available in 15mm:
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21st Panzer Division
2nd SS Panzer Division
Fallschirmjager, Italy 1943-44

Images courtesy of Matt Haywood

Battlefield Terrain, Fortifications and Objectives!!

At BAUEDA we pride ourselves on our attention to historical accuracy and this range is here to do justice to the more modern battlefields, starting with WWII. Most of these models can be used for many more armies and settings than those specifically listed. All scenic bases are especially designed to be compatible with Flames of War™ rules. All our models are made with very high quality POLYURETHANE resin. This is a much, much better material than what many other terrain manufacturers use, it is very tough, hardwearing, it doesn't smell and won't chip for anything less than hammer and chisel! Except where there are very thin cast details present, dropping our models on the floor won't generally harm them (and in general, neither would throwing them out of the window!). Unsurprisingly material of this quality comes to a price, but keep in mind you are getting a scenic piece that is not only most beautifully sculpted, it will also last you a lifetime! Designs specifically themed for the Pacific theater (or Vietnam/Korea War) are in the planning stage as well as yet more bunker designs, more objectives, and much more still, so keep an eye on this page!
Please remember that as with all resin models these have to be washed thoroughly with hot water and a strong detergent before painting, to clean off all traces of mold release agent. If you don't follow this simple precaution the paint may flake off!

As always your opinion is very important to us, so let us know what YOU think!

Below you'll find a list of all the new models that are currently in development. For a full explanation of the progress bar indicators click here.
This list is always in progress, as some items leave to enter the production cycle and new ones are added regularly. There is no established order for future releases, we're working on several at the same time and while some may have been in the making for a while already a simpler one started more recently may get released first. The best way to see pictures of the coming ranges and read the latest news is to come see us on Facebook and just click "like"! In any case we aim to please, so if there is anything in particular you would like and it is missing
and we will do everything we can to fix that!

Coming next in CAMA 28mm:

  • 28015 - 28mm Garden brickwall set (9 pieces)

  • 28016CB - Fuel deposit

  • 28017CB - Ammo dump

  • 2800?CB - small log hut (Command post)

  • 2800?CB - timber pillbox
    model started!
  • 2800?CB - dug-in armored jeep

  • 2800?CB - Ruined rural farmhouse

Coming next in CAMA 15mm:

  • 15A44CB - Vf67 Tobruk für Kampfwagenturm (with pzkpfw II & pzkpfw 38T turrets)

  • 15A45CB VF61a Tobruk for 5cm Festungsgranatwerfer (included)

  • 15A46CB VF69 Tobruk bunker for 8cm granatwerfer 34

  • 15A47CB - Vf600 Ringstand for 5cm KwK (included)

  • 15A48CB - VF4A small MG Bunker (German)

  • 15A50CB Medium bunker for pak 43/88mm (R667)

  • 15A51CB Large bunker for pak 75/105 mm (R612)

  • 15A52CB Large bunker for pak 40/75mm (R677)

  • 15A53CB Large bunker for pak 40/75mm (R669)

  • 15A54CB Medium Bunker for HMG (R681)

  • 15A??CB palm trunk bunker (Japanese)

  • 15A??CB Pacific Machine gun nest (Japanese)