15mm Ancient Buildings AVAILABLE NOW!

We think there is a distinctive lack of good quality ancient buildings in 15mm on the market, and so we have started this range to put a remedy to such shameful situation!
Unlike our other ranges the subject of the URBIS models is not necessarily of an explicitally military nature. Instead here you'll find everything you need to recreate ancient villages, towns and cities as well as all aspects of ancient civilian life in true 1:100 (15mm) scale.
15mm Troy!
15mm Troy!
Like the rest of our products these are very highly detailed and historically accurate reproductions, and we take extra care to ensure they have plenty of deep cut texture to help you in painting! They are also made with a very high quality POLYURETHANE resin which is tough, non brittle, it doesn't smell and desn't chip easily at all! Unsurprisingly it is also not a cheap material and this unfortunately has to be reflected in the item price, but keep in mind you are getting a scenic piece that is not only beautifully sculpted, it will also last you for a lifetime!
The different items in this range are designed to go together with each other, and can be used to make a generic built-up area for your games. Together with the towers and walls from our HOPPIDUS range of fortification (listed also here below for your convenience) will let you model a whole ancient walled city, starting with the mother of them all of course: the great city of Troy itself!
The initial releases focus on the Ancient Near East and East Mediterranean walled cities, starting with Mycenaean buildings, but many more models are being currently developed for this range, not only to flesh it out with more buildings, shops, temples, fountains, etc. but also to expand it to cover different periods and geographical areas. To top it all, there will be accessories and figure packs to add even more detail and live it all up! We hope to be able to offer also pre-assembled prepainted versions at some point in the future, but for the moment please remember that as all resin models these MUST be washed thoroughly with hot water and a strong detergent before painting, to clean off all traces of mold release agent. If you don't follow this simple precaution the paint may flake off!

15mm Troy!

Available now in URBIS:

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Coming next in Urbis:

  • 15PAV stone paving section 80x120mm

  • 15WRF stone quay 80x120mm

  • 15TWH thatched roof stone warehouse

  • 15mm dark age pigsty

  • 15mm stone paved road

  • 15mm dark age stable

  • 15mm thatched hut and wattle pen

  • 15mm Dark age small house (thatched roof)

  • 15mm "A" frame house (thatched roof)

  • 15mm Well (thatched roof)

  • 15mm Public fountain