HOPPIDUS range 40+ higly detailed modules in catalog and counting!

Prepainted fortified CampsNEW!
Complete 15mm fortified camps in kit, 120mm x 80mm perfect for Field of Glory, Mortem et Gloriam and Impetus, also compatible with all the DBA family rules:

Complete sets of 15mm modular line fortifications, based on 40mm base frontage, perfect for DBM, DBMM and all other most popular rules using standard bases:

Complete 15mm fortified camps in kit, 120mm x 40mm perfect for competitive DBA players:
See the HOPPIDUS range in action!

Images courtesy of Matt Haywood
...and for your special projects, you can still order individual parts separately:
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At BAUEDA we like our fortifications to be as historically accurate and as much detailed as anything else, and HOPPIDUS goes all the way, with the aim of being the best and more complete range ever made available in 15mm!
Using this modular system you can already create custom fortifications for a large variety of ancient armies, and more new modules are always on the way.
For your convenience we also offer a number of complete sets as listed here to the left, these packs contains anything you need to make a complete fortification of the type listed.

Pre-assembled and painted models like the one above are available as custom orders, and can be made of any size and style to your specifications,

As always your opinion is very important to us, so let us know what YOU think!

Below you'll find a list of all the new models that are currently in development.
For an explanation of the progress bar indicators click here.
This list is always in progress, as some items leave to enter the production cycle and new ones are added regularly. There is no established order for future releases, we're working on several at the same time and while some may have been in the making for a while already a simpler one started more recently may get released first. The best way to see pictures of the coming ranges and read the latest news is to come see us on Facebook and just click "like"!
In any case we aim to please, so if there is anything in particular you would like and it is missing from the list, let us know and we will see what can be done to fix that!

Coming next in HOPPIDUS:

  • HOP8 - fortifications in construction

  • HOPX - Ditch set

  • ACW3 - American Civil War breached fortifications + line ends
    Model started!!

  • ACW4 - American Civil War bombproof shelter
    Design approved!

  • Hindu Camp
    Design approved!

  • Hellenistic (Greek-Roman) Walled City
    Design approved!

  • Medieval (European) City Walls
    Design approved!