15mm Semi-permanent Imperial Roman Fortified Camp AVAILABLE NOW!

This is a fortified camp sets based on the "HOPPIDUS" modular system for ancient fortifications and designed specifically for Field of Glory and Mortem et Gloriam. This set contains a selection of modules that let you create a Late Imperial Roman fortification, such as a Saxon Shore or a Limes semi-permanent fort; as such it is also perfect for a Dark Age fort! The complete set consist of a base formed by two sections of embankment, (each with its own timber stockade) which leave a full module frontage (40mm) gap, and a wooden barred gate of the same frontage to close the gap itself. On this base rest a separate wooden superstructure to defend the gate, which include a pontoon, a frontal parapet and two side support structures with access ladders nailed on. The gate can be easily cut in two along the central groove and mounted open or ajar if you prefer, leaving the locking bar off.
This set include all the modules required to make a legal 120x80mm FoG or MeG camp large enough to hold several elements of troops either on the pontoon or on the walkway and in the courtyard there is plenty of space even for baggage or artillery.
It includes 16 parts, assembly instructions and painting examples are available on this page, just click the small thumbnails on the top right. Please note that the kit does not include an MDF base like that shown in the picture! We suggest to use one as it add strength to the model, but is up to you really!

HOPPIDUS is a truly modular system, and all elements of this set are compatible with the rest of the range. This means you can also add more elements from the complete HOPPIDUS range to expand and customize this basic set, for example adding a HOP4 - modular Late Imperial Roman Fortification set, to make a huge enclosed fortified perimeter that can be used for a scenario game or a Build Up Area!

Currently out of production, sorry!