15mm Roman Marching Camp AVAILABLE NOW!

This is a complete Roman fortified marching camp set based on the "HOPPIDUS" modular system for ancient fortifications. The palisade module is composed of sudes stakes bounded together with ropes, and half buried in the embankment. Sudes is Latin for stake or pike. They were part of the standard legionary equipment and presumably used as a perimeter defense of an encampment. Also termed valles, they were wooden stakes 4 to 5 feet long, tapered to points at both ends with a cut out "handgrip" in the middle. They may also have been used to create a palisade or picket defense in front of a position prior to an enemy's expected charge or attack. These stakes are often incorrectly termed Pila Muralis or "Wall Spear" which instead probably was a particularly heavy javelin made for throwing down from walls. Experiments that show them to be easily pulled out if used as a fence are all done by driving them into a finished rampart, but more likely they were inserted into the rampart as it was built and the soil packed around them, so that half their length was buried. This way they would still reach up beyond the bottom edge of a defender's shield, and be much harder for an attacker to pull out. This is how they are portrayed here. This module can also be used on top of the standard embankment, or deployed in several rows forming a sort of minefield many meters deep, completely covered of sharp stakes that would be tied up to each other underground, leaving out only the tips. That would form a really formidable barrier! This is still only one possible interpretation of the use of the sudes however, other possibilities include that they were latched together in groups of three, to form a sort of giant caltrops. These may also have been half buried to prevent them being removed easily. In any case we have decided to leave the choice to you, and while this is the first of the Hoppidus modules to feature sudes it's certainly not going to be the last! Other versions of the sudes, including metal versions in groups of two stakes tied up in a "X" and separate individual one to glue on as you prefer are already in development!

All these fortifications elements are supplied unpainted in kit and require assembly. This set include all the modules required to make 8 elements of TF for DBM that can be used as field fortifications or to make a fortified camp large enough to hold 8 element of baggage.
It includes 8 x 15for-AX, 8 x 15for-1 and 2 x 15for-TX, 18 modules in total.
HOPPIDUS is a truly modular system, and all elements of this set are compatible with each other. This means you can also add more elements from the complete HOPPIDUS range to expand and customize this basic set.
For your convenience we offer also some expansion pack designed specifically for this set, but remember you can pick and choose any combination of modules you like, at any time, just e-mail us your requirements!

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CODE HOP3: EURO€ 26.50

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HOP3-b: Expansion pack for HOP3

This is a booster pack to increase the size of your fort by two TF.
The pack include all the modules required to make the two complete Temporary Fortification elements: 2 x 15FOR-AX and 2 x 15FOR-1.

CODE HOP3-b: EURO€ 7.00

SPK1: Gate expansion pack

This is a white metal set (may contain lead) and include two models of solid tree trunk studded with iron spikes and four side supports to make two complete removable barriers to close gaps in a fortification line without embankment.
The pack include all the modules required to make two complete barriers: 2 spiked beams and 4 supports. You will need to cut off a small bit of the horizontal beam if you want the barrier to match exactly a standard DBMM or FoG 40mm frontage; as it is the complete barrier is approximately 55mm long.