15mm Egyptian Shield Fortification AVAILABLE NOW!

This is a modular set of Egyptian Shield Fortification similar to those used by the army of Ramses encamped at Qadesh.

The complete set as shown consist of 8 freestanding individual elements of TF for DBM or any other rule system that uses 40mm wide element bases and can be used as field fortifications or to make a fortified camp large enough to hold 4 elements of baggage (and/or 15mm New Kingdom Egyptian Tents) if placed in the middle of the table or up to 8 if placed against the table edge.

HOPPIDUS is a truly modular system, and all elements of this set are compatible with the rest of the range. This means you can also add more elements from the complete HOPPIDUS range to expand and customize this basic set, for example using it together with a DBA4 Egyptian Camp set to make an even large enclosed fortified perimeter that can be used for a scenario game.
Just remember you can pick and choose any combination of modules you like, and we're here to help you at any time, so just e-mail us for any special requirements!

To order, just and tell us what you'd like and the delivery address, we'll check what we have in stock, calculate the total for you, give you a delivery date and send you a money request via paypal, so all you'll have to do at that point will be to click "accept" if you are happy with it.
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CODE HOP5: EURO€ 18.50

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HOP5-b: Expansion pack for HOP5

This is a booster pack to increase the size of your fort by two TF.
The pack includethe modules required to make the two complete Temporary Fortification elements.

CODE HOP5-b: EURO€ 6.00