15mm Renaissance fortifications AVAILABLE NOW!

This is the first wave of our "HOPPIDUS" modular system of fortifications dedicated to the Renaissance. These models are very detailed and accurate reproductions based on period drawings, however the same methods of constructions and materials were used for centuries from the 16th Century well into the 20th, so you can use them for any conflict from the early Renaissance to the English Civil War, from the Thirty Year War to the Napoleonic wars and up until the First World War! This range will soon be completed by additional fortification modules, camp tents and accessories.
Like all our models this is a historically accurate and scaled reproduction with plenty of beautifully sculpted deep surface detail to help you in painting and are made of tough POLYURETHANE.
All these fortifications elements are supplied unpainted and don't require assembly.

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GAB1 - 15mm Artillery emplacement 40mm x 40mm scenic bases

This pack include two slightly different 40mm square scenic bases designed for any light artillery from reinassance to ACW. All gun emplacements since the 18th C. were built basically in the same way: a defensive frontal structure was erected using gabions topped by fascines, then the ground was levelled behind it and dirt piled on the outside. A firing platform realized in timber ensured that the wheels of the guns did not get stuck in the ground and made it as easy as possible to move and aim the pieces.
Our models are well researched and based on period drawings; they include details like buckets, water barrels and strengthened tool boxes, while leaving as much free space as needed for the gun and its crew.
Overall size is 40x40mm. Does not rquire assemblly. Supplied unpainted.

CODE GAB1: 2 x 40mm square scenic bases with artillery emplacements EURO€ 5.00


GAB2 - Wickerwork gabions

This pack include sixteen gabions which are highly detailed and accurately scaled reproductions of the real thing. Gabions were wicker round cages with open tops and bottoms, filled with earth or stones and used to quickly erect a fortification able to offer good protection from increasingly powerful firearms.The wickerwork cylinders were light and could be carried relatively conveniently or even assembled on the site of use in the field. They would always be put up to defend field artillery emplacements and were a fundamental part of any siege line or hastily fortified position. You can use them to create your own set-up or next to our own ACW1 infantry entrenchments or ACW2 artillery positions to create corners or curves in a continuous line of fortifications, as shown in this image.
Diameter is 7.5mm, average height is approxiamtely 12mm. Supplied unpainted.

CODE GAB2: 16 x individual gabions EURO€ 5.00


HOP7-b: Expansion pack for HOP7

This is a booster pack to increase the size of your fortified line by only two X 40mm wide elements, if you want more it would be more convenient to get a full pack of HOP7 (click here for full details) which include 8 elements!
Does not require assembly. Supplied unpainted.
CODE HOP7-b: 2 x 40mm gabion entrenchement sections EURO€ 5.00



SPK1: Gate expansion pack

This is a white metal set (may contain lead) and include two models of solid tree trunk studded with iron spikes and four side supports to make two complete removable barriers to close gaps in a fortification line without embankment.
The pack include all the modules required to make two complete barriers: 2 spiked beams and 4 supports. You will need to cut off a small bit of the horizontal beam if you want the barrier to match exactly a standard DBMM or FoG 40mm frontage; as it is the complete barrier is approximately 55mm long.
Require assembly. Supplied unpainted.

CODE SPK1: 2 x 55mm spiked barriers EURO€ 5.00