This range is dedicated to all of you who do not have the time or the skill to finish your own terrain but who still want to enjoy the wargaming experience at its very best!
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by Paolo Paglianti


ready to play 60x60cm board

This unique hand made piece is a complete painted and based model of a fortified camp, suitable from WW2 to a grim dark future where there is only war! It has been designed specifically to be used with "heroic scale" or 1:48 figures and compatible with 28mm figures and 1/56 scale models. The model consist of a fortified perimeter with access on one side of the board. It has a large (more than 160mm long and 70mm wide) firing platfom for a weapon and crew (not included) and a fuse setting station next to a pile of discarded ammo boxes and used shells to a side, joined by an internal road. There are two sandbag covered position, a large bunker that can easily hold 4 figures on 25mm round bases and a smaller post designed for two. Both of these have removable wooden roofing covered with sandbags and discarded tyres. It also include an ammo deposit, also with separate roofing, which include a removable pile of boxes and could also be used as an additional sandbag bunkerlarge enough for 4 more figures. Covered entrenchments with wooden boards on the floor connect everything together. It's based on 10mm thick plywood, covered with realistic terrain, including two near miss from large enemy shells, all flocked and painted in various shades. Amazingly detailed and historically accurate, it's generic enough for being used from early WW2 up to modern wars.

The board include the following models (which can also be purchased separately following the links below):
Total value of the models alone: 100+ EURO
Currently in stock: 0 - Drop us a line to order!

Ready to play finished boards, assembled, based on 10mm plywood and painted as shown, are only available in limited numbers. If we happen to be out of stock at the time of your purchase we will either refund your payment or treat them as commission order (your choice of course!); special projects are also welcome, inquire freely!

Code: 15SWH_rtp

15mm stone warehouse, perfect as a game objective! Buildings of this kind were used by nearly every population living in rocky areas, and are still commonly found today (sometimes even still in use) in most European countryside. Some of the first structures to be built in stone, warehouses such this were generally made for the use of an entire small community and would be used to store the most valuable possessions.
This model is an accurate, very realistic and highly detailed reproduction. The architectonic style is timeless, making use of a monolithic lintel. The model is about 42 mm by 46mm wide at the bottom and 48 mm tall. It is also perfectly suitable for 1/72 (20mm) as a smaller building and for 25-28mm as a small stone hut!

fully assembled and painted model as shown: EURO€ 19.50

Currently in stock: 0

Click here for the plain cast 15mm stone warehouse!

15mm stone warehouse

Code: 15HUT_rtp

Small round stone huts like these were used by nearly every population living in mediterranean Europe, and are still commonly found (sometimes still in use) in the countryside. They are generally built by farmers as shelters and for storage, but there are many examples of similar circular structures identified as covered wells or even as primitive shrines. This model is based on accurate archaeological evidence and it is a very realistic and highly detailed reproduction. It can be added to any ancient town or village to give it a more mediterranean look, and is perfect for scenario games, were it could represent an objective to capture or control. The model is about 26 mm (1 inch) wide at the bottom and 30 mm tall. In 1/100 (the scale roughly equivalent to 15mm) that is just over two and half meters of diameter and three meters high. The edge of the roof is about 4 meters across. There are examples of this kind of construction commonly scattered across southern Spain and Italy, Greece, Illiria, and all Eastern Mediterranean. It is also suitable as a small Celtic or Pict hut.

fully painted model as shown: EURO€ 9.50

Currently in stock: 0

Click here for the plain cast 15mm small round stone hut!

15mm stone warehouse

Code: 15TRY_rtp

Small town house. The less wealthy abitants of ancient dwellings lived in simple single floor housing like these, but the model could also be used for a small warehouse or workshop, or even as an extension for a larger building. This model is in Mycenaean style, which makes it particularly suitable not only for the city of Troy, but for all ancient Greek City States and colonies, including those in Southern Italy, Black Sea and North Africa, and for cities in Macedonia, Crete, Cyprus, Egypt, Assyria, Phoenician colonies including Carthage, and all cities and states in present-day Lebanon, Israel and Jordan! It's based on accurate archaeological evidence and it is a very realistic and highly detailed reproduction. It can be added to any ancient town or village around the Mediterranean and in the Near East from the beginning of history well into the Classical age. The model is 60x35 mm at the base and 33mm tall.

fully assembled and painted model as shown: EURO€ 19.50

Currently in stock: 0

Click here for the plain cast 15mm small town house!

15mm stone warehouse